Sindolor is the single external use product that contains three painkilling substances acting by three different mechanisms, recommended for the treatment of inflammatory or post traumatic disorders of joints and soft tissues.

Brand Management

Bloom Communication supports Fiterman Pharma’s mission to address people’s concerns by care. The perseverance in achieving this goal is shaped by creating the visual identity, the packaging and the communication materials forSINDOLOR.

SINDOLOR symbol, as the carrier of the brand core values in the communication process, is the phoenix, reborn from its own ashes. We used a minimalist logotype, tilted to the right and customised by rounded and soft lines that emphasize the vivid, dynamic and extremely strong symbol and the energetic elevation of the redemptive flight.

Communication Campaign

The SINDOLOR packaging uses colours to stress the three features of the medicine: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and local anaesthetic“Triple attack on pain” becomes the motto of everyone who is able to move freely, released from the pain circle, after using SINDOLOR.

The communication materials show the medicine’s characteristics: quick action on pain, physical rebirth after regaining motion capacities and release from the terror of pain.