CONSERVFRUCT is a company established in 1993, specialised in the manufacturing of canned vegetables and fruits. The company has been managed every year by a managing board and technologists with over 30 years experience in the field of vegetables and fruits processing. At the same time, the equipment used in the manufacturing process are capable to satisfy the quality standards of both domestic and external markets.

Visual Identity

Bloom Communication initiated and run the rebranding of Ce Gusto by analysing the visual communication elements of the competitors and the domestic and external target audience. Bloom Communication used this information to build the new visual identity of Ce Gusto and to create the packaging design standard, used in the entire packaging system.

The outcome of 
Ce Gusto rebranding was a distinctive product on the shelf, with a well customised logo, which clearly suggests the industry and a unique, updated, seasoned and colourful label design, suggesting the fresh and natural flavour of fruits and vegetables in the jar.


The new identity of Ce Gusto is memorable and strongly differentiating, touching the affective area and locating the product near those produced by exquisite chefs, with their well-known interest in the quality of taste.

The waving letters support the idea of steaming, good taste, cooked food, flavour, smell, inhalation-exhalation. The word “ce” suggests a head leaned back, satisfied by the food and smiling. We also selected a font with smooth and friendly curves. The symbol is a seasoned chef, with his specific toque, caught in the very moment of tasting the food, stylised in the shape of “g” letter.

Print & Packaging

The label uses the chef’s toque as a central identification element of the product. The volume effect of the coloured ribbon of the toque is given by its golden-metallic border, effect that also brings elegance and quality. The product’s qualities – its savour, flavour, genuine character and the big percentage of fruit / vegetable in the product – are also magnified by the strategic position of the fruits / vegetables in the forefront, with maximum exposure and in their natural environment.