Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia Pizza House is the biggest catering firm in Iasi and has two restaurants.

Verbal Identity

The accelerated development in the last years and the provision of over 200 high quality dishes determined Mamma Mia Pizza House to consider its market repositioning as the leading catering firm in the area, to improve the efficiency of communication to its target audience, and to increase its customer base. By combining the passion with the ambitious business goals of the company, the brand strategically adopted a fresh, friendly and memorable image to replace the old and inexpressive one. The slogan, ”Enjoy our fine cuisine!”, gathers all the competitive advantages and supports the emotional brand approach: the special attention with which food is prepared, served and delivered, ongoing menu updates, the use of exquisite recipes and high quality ingredients.

Visual Identity

The new identity of Mamma Mia places the brand in a new culinary universe full of special dishes prepared with passion by the chefs, replacing the former image of a simple pizza provider, and improves its communication and memorable appearance in the market.

Communication Campaign

According to the brand and communication strategies developed by Bloom Communication, the promotion campaign on the new identity includes the outdoor, radio and TV advertising, and direct mail (launch and dissemination of the new Mamma Mia catalogue). We built all of them on the same principle of love applied by the Mamma Mia chefs when preparing the dishes that turn every meal into a special and wonderful experience.

Print & Packaging

The new visual identity is completed by a new set of presentation materials, a new product catalogue, new menus, posters, and all the prints for food delivery, a new ambient design of restaurants, new promotional stickers for the company cars, and a new layout of the website.