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Petru, a miller from Iasi region, began this beautiful trade in the early 1900s and knew how to leave this trade as an inheritance together with his over 100 years old mill mill. Today, on the same location, Petru's descendants built a modern mill, but the inheritance of quality and well-done work is still respected.
Bloom Communication has received the beautiful challenge of building a brand with a unique legacy in today's Romania. Verbal identity came as a natural solution and especially as a tribute to that who placed the first stone at the foundation of the mill that would create the 100-year-old fate of a place, of a family. The packaging design is built in such a way as to give life to the story of the brand, the illustration being a portrait of the man who reinvented the family legacy after 1990, laying the foundation of a new mill. His name, a worthy successor of his grandfather, was also Petru.
The brand identity and the visual style of the packaging bring, in such a competitive market, a strongly represented brand, memorable, with a high degree of differentiation, and  an extraordinary capacity to emotionally communicate the promise for the quality of the brand.