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Seni, brand of the TZMO Group, is the trusted brand on incontinence issues for billions of people around the world.
For 20 years, Seni has been the top brand in cases of incontinence in Romania. Seni range offers complete solutions both for people with incontinence issues and for caregivers: a wide range of premium products, free counseling, training and cost optimization.
The Seni brand is available in more than 50 countries around the world. It offers premium quality products that make life easier for people with incontinence problems and caregivers. The TZMO Group undertakes actions aimed at improving the clients’ quality of life and educating them on incontinence and other health issues.
Bloom Communication, together with its partners in the Unity Group (Impressum Communication and We-Do Communication), offered 360 brand communication solutions: a strategy to strengthen brand positioning in the anniversary context (Seni - 20 years), communication strategy, communication campaigns, the online platform and social media communication.
The central concept of the brand communication was "With Seni you will rediscover the joy of living!" - a concept that highlighted the fact that social life and plans do not stop when incontinence issues occur, issues that are perceived as shameful and which often inhibit social life. Seni offers you the solution to have control over your life, giving you the ability to enjoy all the beautiful aspects of life. We have supported the communication process through a TV, online, PR and social media integrated system.