Unpasteurized SKOL

Print & Packaging

The Skol brand originates in Belgium from 1964. Beer production in Belgium has a long and prosperous history dating back to the Roman Gallo. In Europe at that time, beer was seen as a healthy alternative to drinking water, which was often of  questionable quality.
The tradition and  transfer of business secrets from father to son have created a unique Belgian beer culture which has led to a variety of beer styles ranging from Abbey beer to Lambic beer.
With a 53-year history, the SKOL brand is connected to the DNA of beer recipes of the 19th century in Belgium, the beginning of history for that producer who, in the twentieth century, gave SKOL beer to the world. 
Currently the brand is present in 31 countries, being among the top five beers consumed worldwide. At the beginning of 2017, the Skol brand introduced in its portfolio a new beer specialty: unpasteurized beer. For the production of unpasteurized SKOL, UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES BEREPROD has invested 1.2 million euros in the modernization of the factory production line. The novelty is the brewing microfiltration plant which replaces the pasteurization process, ensuring the freshness of the beer for 12 weeks.
For this project, Bloom Communication, part of the Unity Group, received the challenge of building the new design direction for this specialty, which aimed to keep the personality and DNA of the brand, as well as to build a visual language for Unpasteurized SKOL as a powerful, memorable product with a large capacity to differentiate itself on the shelf from other categories.
In the new packaging construction, Bloom Communication has linked SKOL brand history and DNA to the principles of beer purity and the functional benefits of the product. Therefore, the brand interface of the new product manages to harmoniously incorporate essential symbolic elements and strong emotional elements that connect the  fans of the brand with the initial   starting point of the recipe, specially created by the brew master for a crisp taste with strong personality, for a unique experience of coolness and freshness. The brew master, responsible for the recipe and for the brewing process, is raised to the symbol level, as a tribute to the brew masters who serve with dedication  the passion of beer drinkers. 
"The Unpasteurized Skol continues our tradition to innovate the essence  of beer category : the fresh beer. It is an important investment that we make to meet the needs and preferences of Romanian consumers, being essential to our ongoing development strategy, anchored in the market demand, "said Paul Markovits, URBB Marketing Vice President.
"Our joy to create the clothes and personality of a brand like Unpasteurized Skol is equal to URBB's passion for creating and sustaining excellent and, most of the time, innovative products. This passionate joy is doubled by the technical and strategic branding approaches that united our teams, and the result, the new Unpasteurized Skol beer, is a new brand that will definitely write history in its market segment, "said Ciprian Dron, CEO of Unity Group.