Pietro Coricelli

Communication Campaign

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Pietro Coricelli extravirgin olive oil debuted on Italian tables in 1939 in the town of Spoleto in the heart of Umbria. A passion for authentic tastes passed from generation to generation has always kept the family members involved in managing the company. Today, Pietro Coricelli is one of Europe's leading olive oil producers, with exports to more than 110 countries worldwide, being one of the most distributed Italian brands worldwide.
For over 70 years, the quality and safety of Pietro Coricelli products have been preserved, thanks to the  long-lasting tradition, authentic flavor, professional skills and advanced technology in the field. The company's mission is to promote olive oil, the taste and the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine across the world. 
The company's values are: the quality of products and services offered; client orientation; efficiency; integration in the social context; orientation toward organic products.
The Brand’s tradition and values inspired Bloom Communication team to create the "Tradizione e passione" communication campaign, a campaign that talks about the passion for olive oil, a passion that is passed from generation to generation in a country where this product is part of almost  every delicious recipe. The campaign was implemented together with partners from Unity Group, Impressum Communication and We-Do Communication, involving strategy and development of PR and Social Media communication actions.
At the same time the first online campaign was built, the http://www.pietro-coricelli.ro website was created - a representative communication tool for the online interface of Pietro Coricelli brand - for which a personalized information management platform has been developed.