Farmacia DONA - 25 de ani

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DONA pharmacy, a Romanian-owned company, a landmark in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry and a praised and respected brand by Romanians, has reached 25 years of existence. Over the past 25 years, DONA business model has evolved without departing from its organizational identity and strong values. DONA is a core of four companies, also joined by other local entrepreneurs in the field, who have shown interest in contributing with their experience to the long-term development of DONA Pharmacy trademark, through a franchise partnership. Thus, DONA brings together about 300 pharmacies and about 2,500 pharmacists, health professionals and Romanian entrepreneurs devoted to a common goal, that of providing pharmaceutical services at the highest quality level. For the health of Romanians! 
As the communication partner in the strategy building and the implementation of the "DONA Pharmacy - 25 Years" campaign, Bloom Communication has developed a communication structure made up of 4 pillars: "25 years" corporate anniversary identity, offline anniversary communication tools, landing page and communication campaign - online, TV and outdoor. The "25 years"graphic signature is written on an upward trajectory and in a circular arc facing upwards, which symbolizes the permanent development of the organization, focusing on patients' expectations and the  constant increase of the quality of their life. The "25 Years" written in a personalized calligraphy formula highlights the company's values: attention to the needs of patients, passion for the pharmacist profession, talent to work with people with ethics and positive perfectionism.
The communication campaign captures and conveys the passion and dedication of DONA’s key people: DONA pharmacists, who  treat their patients with  exceptional care and make significant lifelong learning efforts to be up to date  with the therapeutic novelties and, above all,  to meet their patients’ expectations.