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Inspired cooking. Passionate about life.
It all began in 1881 with Janos Kotányi and paprika, the first spice in the history of the brand. Later on, the company grew, offering from spices and famous herbs in Europe to superior spices, carefully selected and gathered from around the world - this is Kotanyi's true passion. With the spices it offers at premium quality, the Kotanyi brand inspires people to cook creatively and bring pleasure and passion to their lives.
For the first time in the history of the brand, in Romania, Kotanyi wanted to offer pure spice selections for recipes most loved and used by the Romanians. We, at Bloom Communication (enthusiastically receiving the challenge to build this new, unique brand for the Romanian market), called them "Romanian Flavours", in honor of Romanians' passion for keeping traditions, for passionate cooking of old traditional recipes and Kotanyi passion to create premium quality blends of top quality spices, personalized for Romanian traditional dishes.
The packaging design of the new Kotanyi spice range combines the Romanian rural atmosphere with the traditional culinary delights, emphasizing simplicity perfectly combined with  good taste, characteristics of the Romanian peasant universe. To start with, the new Kotanyi range contains 7 selections of premium spices, specially blended and tested to meet the tastes of Romanians from all historical regions of Romania.