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Helvetic Sunjoy is the revolutionary and efficient home or office heating solution, offering a warm and natural environment with low running costs.
The heating panel can be used efficiently for heating residential buildings, office buildings, industrial halls, hotels, fitness centers, with a much lower cost than other heating systems. SUNJOY is economical, environmentally friendly and beneficial to health.
The challenge for Bloom Communication and its group partners (We-Do Communication – media strategy & media buying, Impressum Communication - PR & strategic communication) had two important components: rebuilding the commercial brand into a guaranteed system containing the two brands (Helvetic and SunJoy) and the commercial re-launch campaigns, of building notoriety and boosting product sales. 
The new visual signature supports the Helvetic brand - the main brand and Sunjoy – guaranteed brand, keeping the Sunjoy graphics in their original form, already known on the market. The new visual signature of the brand reveals the innovative and high-tech character of the products, which are put  at the core of communication and sustained by a modern, minimalist, impacting style. 
The communication campaign was centered on the major product benefits (10 years warranty, no maintenance costs, energy efficiency) that were integrated into a creative concept inspired by the general knowledge quizzes which are so popular in Romania. The creative concept has built product memorability and their competitive advantages and has positioned the brand as a winning choice.