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An ambitious entrepreneurial project, built from scratch by a visionary entrepreneur, Vivertine is more than 4,000 square meters, 2 swimming pools, 50 cardio machines and 40 force machines, 2 Jacuzzi pools and 5 massage booths, 200 sqm of 10 m tall climbing, kids special area, dozens of different activities, individual or group based, for 500 people simultaneously. Bloom Communication has been chosen to build the visual identity and brand strategy for Vivertine, also offering environmental design as well as online and offline strategy and communication services within the project. Thus, in June 2017, the largest sports, health and leisure  project in Romania – Vivertine - 100% Romanian, was successfully launched.
In the construction of the visual identity, several integrated symbols were gathered harmoniously and balanced:
- the eagle with wide wings – a symbol of positive energy, health and ability to continuously develop  through sport;
- the V-letter – a symbol of the verbal identity, but also of the victories obtained daily at Vivertine, always competing, with others or even with yourself, acquiring the state of well-being, the health and the energy which are necessary for the accomplishment of the daily activities;
- triangle/ arrow shaped colorful elements - a symbol of the many services and training sessions you benefit from at Vivertine and the always optimistic atmosphere, with top specialists in sports, nutrition, spa, etc., able to bring you to and keep you in an enviable fit shape.
Therefore, naturally, the positioning built for Vivertine is: Vivertine - the 360 experience of fun sports and beautiful health! Vivertine - Stay fit, sweetheart!