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The Mutti spirit is in the ground from which the raw material originates.
Since 1899, Mutti has been bringing quality red tomatoes to world-wide tables, with passion and innovation, offering, a guarantee of the perfect taste for over a century
The company was founded in Basilicanova (Parma), in an area with a rich history of tomato growing. Year after year, Mutti continues to celebrate the harvest and use its over 100 years experience in creating recipes.
Mutti products are made only from intense red, sweet, sun-ripened delicious tomatoes. Tomatoes are 100% Italian.
Mutti  differentiates itself on the market through  key elements, such as: 
1. controls the  production of tomatoes used in its products, using products from a single area of Italy - Parma - cultivated in several hundred farms which are integrated in a strictly monitored process;
2. The quality of the tomatoes, which  are passed through three sorting filters and processed in a modern factory that respects the Italian culinary tradition.
Bloom Communication was chosen as the communication partner for the Mutti brand in Romania. The communication strategy, the online platform, the online campaigns and the social media communication are the services included in the support and communication of the Mutti brand for the period 2017-2018. The central concept - "We have been living the most beautiful love story ever since 1899. Because we love tomatoes. Because the tomatoes grown in harmony with nature offer the true experience of the Italian taste "- is the central historical and emotional  structure that supports the functional advantages of the Mutti brand: the only Italian brand that has control over the quality of the raw material, the only Italian brand processing tomatoes   exclusively from Italy, the only brand on the market that offers a guarantee of product quality through a 360 degree production cycle: growing, selection, Italian old recipes, processing and delivery of premium quality products.