Print & Packaging

Granini has always been more than just a juice. Its classical bottle with little holes, that promises to always use only the best fruit, differentiates the brand from its competitors. From its very beginnings until today, Granini has offered a true variety of fruit juices and wonderful taste experiences that contribute to short moments of pleasure in people's everyday lives. Not surprisingly, in its nearly 50 years of history, Granini has become not only a favorite brand that people enjoy at home, but also one of the most frequently served brands in restaurants and bars. For chefs, bartenders and consumers, it is one of the most famous and popular non-alcoholic beverages brands. They appreciate Granini’s passion and care for producing exceptional quality juices.
As  Romania’s partner in brand development, Bloom Communication has redefined Granini's packaging design line, for both the entire range of products and for the seasonal miniseries (summer and winter). The new design direction is about the freshness and quality of the fruits used in making Granini juices, the constant innovation in making juices and the promise to always deliver the best quality. The message Granini conveys Through the brand’s new interface is: "We are quite demanding when it comes to choosing the best available fruit. After all, everything is about your pleasure."