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Bloom Communication signs the re-branding process of Family Care, one of the most dynamic Romanian brands on the personal care market in Romania.
The new identity and new style of communication contribute to the strengthening of the position of Family Care, an excellent solution for the personal care of the entire family.
The Brand audit,  the analysis of the existing product portfolio and of the development directions range represented the stage which preceded the definition of the new brand architecture.
The analysis of the Family Care portfolio, the product structuring, the roles and coverage of  markets, the presentation and communication on the market and its commercial policy, revealed the fact that it is necessary to reorganize and restructure the product ranges into sub-brands, fairly represented in relation to their target audience and strategic reassessment on the market according to profitability and target representativeness, so that in the future each sub-range could be transformed into a profit center.
With the view of increasing the company's profitability and its adaptability to the market and to its competition, Bloom Communication has consistently reorganized and restructured the Family Care portfolio in sub-brands with defined roles both from a market perspective and from a managerial perspective. The next step was to redefine and standardize the product lines on each guaranteed sub-brand.
The promise of the Family Care brand and its mission have been defined in such a way that the customer could be the focus of the company's concerns, and the products dedicated to customers could become beneficial effects of these concerns: "We make quality, affordable products dedicated to personal care. We are dedicated to all those who need quality products to support a comfortable and healthy lifestyle."
Family Care defines its activity as follows: "We share with our clients the practical spirit of our products, which always guides us in increasing our Family Care product portfolio so that we can offer as much as possible from the daily personal care needs of our clients. Therefore, kindness and ethics are reflected in our commercial offer, which helps us prove that a better product is not necessarily a more expensive one. Our  constant quest of performance makes many of our products as good as others from renowned manufacturers around the world. And because nowadays personal and home care is  a complicated and expensive activity, we value the spirit of cooperation, efficiency and realism of those who do it. "
By redefining the visual identity, the corporate communication style, and building the identity of each subrange of Family Care, a complex and challenging process, the brand was completely revived and the brand strength increased in the competitive environment. Visual identity is an evolution of the Family Care old signature, a process proved to be necessary so as to maintain a positive relationship with its audiences, while the new visual style contributes to meeting business goals, boosting and strengthening the brand. 
The new communication style has been implemented on all communication materials and tools: internal stationery, indoor and out-door communication, online.