Communication Campaign

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Matache Macelaru', one of the most beloved and appreciated processed meat brands in Romania, with a strong market penetration until a few years ago, joined our team and challenged us to create its positioning strategy, to strengthen and enlarge the Matache Macelaru' portfolio in the market. Once implemented the repositioning and redesign strategy for the product portfolio, we built and implemented the communication strategy together with the Unity Group team (Impressum Communication, We-Do Communication, and Nomenius).  

The communication strategy dedicated to Matache Macelaru' brand aimed at supporting the brand positioning, at strengthening and enlarging the Matache Macelaru' portfolio in the Romanian processed meat market. The communication campaign emphasizes the good time spent with the family and friends, flavoured and supported by the presentation of “Quick and easy recipes to cook and talk about” by Matache Macelaru. The only way to know and appreciate the Matache Macelaru' recipes is to understand the old Bucharest as it was back in 1880, when these recipes and delightful products were created.

We used 3 channels for the implementation of the communication campaign: TV, online and in store. It was the most comprehensive campaign on Matache Macelaru' brand ever implemented (11 video spots, online platform, social media and online communication, supported by unconventional in-store sampling – Moftul Romanesc newspaper and BTL campaign.