Verbal Identity

Visual Identity

Print & Packaging

With a few exceptions, the brands on the fizzy drinks market share similar elements of personality and visual identity, with a focus on the fruit, juice, and summer-specific colours. To achieve the best setting of the new brand’s personality in consumers’ minds, its interface integrating emotional and functional attributes should have both a strong visual impact, and a tasteful and playful image, always surprising on the shelf. This is how ZUCCO’s verbal identity appeared: a new compound name formed by declining /sticking together.

ZUCCO is a name with an easy pronunciation and understandable in any context. The noun "juice", serving as its root, places it in an easily recognizable area. ZUCCO is any fruit or combination of fruits. ZUCCO is the juice or fresh drink that puts a smile on your face and a delicious taste on your lips. The name carries strong emotional associations, and can easily enter the consumer vocabulary.

Together, the verbal and visual identities define the brand’s personality as urban, playful, easy-to-bond with consumer habits, and as a successful product on any table in all homes. The brand personality was built on the creative concept of "tasteful and playful fruits" with a visual emphasis on each fruit, and the message that the recipe of ZUCCO product range itself has personality and suits everyone who wants to identify him/herself with a unique, happy and friendly brand, is always visible on the shelf.