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In 2014, we turned “Minute Bagels” into Fredy, a brand with a passion for quality pastry. Fredy is your destination when you want a small snack or when you have a mind to any kind of pastry product. 

The transformation process was complex, as it provided deliverables designed to completely change the business communication and interaction interface for its audience. In the end, we succeeded to create one of the most spectacular appearance in the field of street snacks. 

The original character and the figures created for the products bring about the hand-made idea and define Fredy as a joyful, friendly and happy pastry-cook, who creates delicious products out of his passion. 

The new architectural style designed by our team is modern and unique in the Romanian competitive environment. Backed up by Fredy’s products and services, it brings a special experience to every customer. 

Now, more than ever, Fredy promises to become the main attraction in the city when you want to buy quality pastry. On its way to success, Fredy is seen as a trendsetter, due to its products that represent a new quality standard in this field.