Originals - Communication Campaign

Communication Campaign

Following the rebranding process, Bloom Communication created the strategy and concept of the communication campaign of Originals brand and developed it. The new brand image and the new e-commerce platform, the Originals services and products were transmitted to the wide audience by a communication campaign spread on 9 national TV channels and online. 

Rebranding communication campaign

- Communication strategy
- Communication concepts 
- Copywriting
- Advertisement concept and production
- Online campaign implementation

The new positioning and the new communication direction of Originals brand required a tactical campaign, aimed at stressing the major changes of the company, and the tandem that defined the new verbal identity of the brand (logotype + slogan) ”Originals – Start to dress smart !” to receive a strong adhesion from the campaign audience. ”Originals – Start to dress smart !” talks about those who know how to show their personality by selecting the right clothes, about those who show they belong to a certain arts trend or social profile of some group, or about those who want to express their personality in an original way or those who simply just want to be and feel cool. 

The communication campaign in 2014 started by a set of strong visual teasers (backed up by an activation campaign of the Originals’ target audience, with a personality test contest with prizes for the most original personalities). These messages aimed at raising the interest in the second part of the campaign that would show the new brand identity, its new positioning and mainly in the new benefits built by the campaign and provided to the consumers. 

The campaign was developed and designed for online and TV, and had significantly impacted both the target audiences and the business benefits of Originals. The campaign was developed in two stages: teasing and revealing. Inspired by the new image of the brand and the new communication directions, the concept of the rebranding communication campaign was built around the attribute “SURPRISING”.

The major objectives of the teasing campaign were to create an attention focus and to prepare the target audiences for the major change to be provided by Originals, both as the brand image and as the e-commerce platform and new services level. The landing page www.startdresssmart.ro was the main promotion and focus mean in the teasing campaign, together with the TV spot, supported by the communication on Facebook, the major online publications in Romania and Google services.

In addition to communicating the new brand identity and the new e-commerce platform www.originals.ro with its new services, the mission of the revealing campaign was to stress the positioning of Originals in the market and to emphasize the major benefits of the new brand platform.