Siemens Electrocasnice

Siemens Electrocasnice is part of BSH Electrocasnice Romania, the branch of the German group BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Pursuant to the successful cooperation on the development of Bosch Electrocasnice brand in 2007, BSH Romania appointed Bloom Communication as its provider of online campaigns and web maintenance services for Siemens Electrocasnice Romania. Thus, Bloom Communication implemented with the configuration of major changes to the product catalogue, promotional and new product campaigns, as well as other structural and content changes to the website. Moreover, 

Bloom Communication created mini-websites with content management systems for bigger campaigns, designed and implemented the campaign banners. In 2009, Siemens Electrocasnice went through a visual identity renewal and changed its communication style. 

Bloom Communication, the traditional partner of BSH Romania, was assigned the task to align this visual corporate style to the new communication standards implemented at global level. This process also included the online communication on 

The change process was complex, but efficient, due to the successful cooperation between the teams of the two companies. Bloom Communication is still in charge with the maintenance of this website.