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Communication Campaign Implementation on TV & Social Media

Christmas is defined by the holiday feasts that reunite families, as a symbol that transcends religions, local popular habits and ages. A common feature of this holiday is the presence of home-made cookies, like real love messages for this moment of the year and for the beloved ones around the table. 

Since 1992, Coseli has been an important contributor to these small, home-made gastronomic jewels, being the secret help of housewives and sweets aficionados. The communication strategy gathered all these functional and emotional elements and created a story with Santa Claus, his elves and Cupid, a hearty assistant who wanted to take part to the creation of the Christmas magic moments in the families. 

The essential element of home-made sweets is, once again, Coseli. The communication campaign had a strong functional and emotional impact, bringing a competitive advantage and increasing the sales of Coseli. The campaign was implemented on two channels: social media (on-line) and TV.