Unik Shop

Unik Shop is a company that operates in the field of online wholesale and retail and stamp manufacturing services.

Visual Identity

The visual identity matches the corporate values, bringing extra energy, with a happy and warm personality, that shows the joy of buying and having quality goods, with a functional and attractive design, carefully selected and special. 

The selected symbol was a squirrel with an attitude that suggests a permanent and determined invitation to shopping. Squirrels are known for their energy, glow and their capacity to bring positive feelings to all the people who see them. 

The unique logotype was created using the same joyful, dynamic, spontaneous, and apparently cluttered style, as in the squirrel that bursts into its middle in an open, cheerful and relaxed gesture, supporting together the idea of active shopping. 

The corporate colours are black and green, with a prevailing Veronese Green. We selected these colours to emphasis the energy and dynamics of a brand that wants to be close to their customers, by the online shop’s offer and environment.

Verbal Identity

The name selected to define the business industry is sound, easy to remember, with a powerful impact that can actively support the future business development. Unik Shop communicates effectively the characteristics of the new brand: exuberant energy in building the offer and services for customers, new products for the Romanian market, high quality products and services.

Print & Packaging

In 2009, Unik Shop developed a Multi-Level Marketing system for the sales of its products. Bloom Communication created the online system that deals with the orders, reports, benefits, coordination and credits cascading network etc. To supplement the online system, sales network needed a monthly catalogue of products and promotions. Bloom Communication designed the sales catalogue and created the standard layout for the products presentation in the catalogue.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Unik Shop launched in 2006 one of the first online shops in the North East region of Romania, with a complex customer, order and product management system. In 2009, Unik Shop felt the need to refresh the design and add a new technology module, with multiple additional apps: Multi Level Marketing mode for managing the orders received from sales representatives, customers and work groups; shopping cart system and the product presentation upgrade; option of mixing the products into customised offers and the total or selective discount mode, according to the shopping history of the customer. The new design provided an attractive and friendly image, adjusted to the changing needs of the Internet website www.unikshop.ro.