We-Do Communication


Verbal Identity

Visual Identity

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Member of Unity Group, We-Do Communication is a company specialised in media buying services:

Media consumption research;

Media buying strategies;

Strategic planning;

Econometric optimisation;

Campaign implementation;

Media assessment and monitoring;

Media channels analysis.

The difference between a successful campaign and a good intended one is the science of metrics. This allows you to build and implement media strategies that make your communication campaign’s message to reach your relevant target audience. The keywords are: affinity, indicators, analysis, GRP, TRP, reach, click, unique, etc. All these elements describe a campaign ruled by the verb “to do” together with the adjective “right”, verb that created a verbal identity that includes the activities, the mission, and the business philosophy of We-Do Communication. The visual identity using a powerful visual metaphor supports the willingness of the company to perform in complex projects, bringing remarkable results for its customers.