7 Spice (Seven Ears)

Sapte Spice (Seven Ears) mills process the best baking wheat, according to the quality standards in force. Wheat mill products are hazard free and have constant properties. Out of the product range, we mention the wheat flour (type 480, 550, 650, 800, 1250, 1350), Graham flour, semolina, packaged and sold according to the customers’ needs.

Brand Management

Visual Identity

Print & Packaging

Sapte Spice Company, member of Vel Pitar group, entrusted Bloom Communication the tasks of defining the communication standards and creating the corporate visual style of the company.

Following the communication needs assessment of Sapte Spice company, Bloom Communication listed the types of communication instruments currently used by the customer to communicate with its partners and clients. 

Bloom Communication created and produced all the corporate communication materials and instruments and also defined the company’s visual style. All these were explained using standards and procedures, all specified in the corporate identity guidelines.