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Communication Campaign

Coseli, the essential ingredient of home-made sweets 
-Communication concept and strategy 
-Design and production of communication campaign 
-Online implementation of the communication campaign. 

The traditional Romanian holy days are always joyful due to the family reunion at the table full of delicious home-made sweets, prepared with a lot of passion, based on old family recipes. For the last 20 years, Coseli has been the provider of the essential ingredients for cooking these home-made sweets. In the spring of 2013, Bloom Communication launched a complex communication campaign for Coseli, its client, to feature some of the products that Romanians love so much: flavouring essences, essences, sugar products and additives. 

The Romanian housewives can now find the products they love so much, due to their perfect flavour in the home-made cookies, at www.aromeesentiale.ro, together with delicious recipes specially created for a wide variety of preferences. The communication campaign was run exclusively online and started in Facebook in the midst of March, with a 3 week teaser. 

The page, www.facebook.com/CeEsteEsential, posted delicious clues leading to the intensely expected disclosure: “Coseli is the essential ingredient of home-made sweets”. The integrated campaign was designed as a sequence of episodes, focused on relevant details of the surprise brand. The love, family, truth, joy, story and tradition, in particular, are essential to the Coseli brand communication. 

The communication successfully managed to combine the technical and emotional messages with the promotional and commercial elements, thus making Coseli brand strengthen its positioning and enabled its economic growth in the specific market. 

The launch of www.aromeesentiale.ro by Coseli also included a contest with prizes consisting in home kitchen appliances and Coseli ingredients for one year to reward its loyal customers. The communication campaign went on the entire year by a set of specific activities and new surprises.