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Body weight adjustments or maintenance in terms of comfort and health are part of everyone’s life. As Alevia aims at being useful and a supporter of the natural upgrade (with vitamins and food supplements) necessary at various life stages or in conditions of effort and/or stress, it developed a supplement for weight loss diets: Silfide. 

Once accepted the challenge to come up with the market communication for this product in order to increase the brand’s profile, we headed the brand communication to a less explored area by other similar brands in the market: Silfide is the product suitable to any balanced and healthy weight-loss diet, whenever you need it: after the age of 25, when the sedentary lifestyle increases, after delivery or starting with 45, when the body needs more attention etc. 

One of the tools supporting this successful approach and very useful in targeting Silfide’s audience was the SLIM, a dedicated and customised magazine, available both offline and online at