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Alevia is one of the top Romanian manufacturers of food supplements and herbal tea at an excellent quality/price ratio, being always interested in raising the life quality of the patients, by supporting healthy and balanced life.

The Ginkgo Biloba products developed by Alevia follow the same manufacturing policy for quality products, and out mission was to make these products achieve the right market positioning, needed to achieve their operational goals: to support the health of patients with cardio-vascular disorders. To this purpose, we recommended and participated in the building process of a brand that backs up the market positioning and communication of this range of products, in order to make it extremely visible in the market, easy to remember and appreciated by patients. 

During the next stage, we produced the communication materials supporting the brand communication to physicians, pharmacists and patients, followed by two communication campaigns. They played a major role in building the good reputation, positioning and emphasizing this range of products in the market, as an important player in the market of Ginkgo Biloba products. 

Advertisement Concept and Production Ginkana by Alevia – How do you face the challenges of each age? 

Bloom Communication provided a complete service package for the national communication campaign dedicated to Ginkgo Biloba Forte by Alevia: strategy, creative concept, communication materials design, video production and campaign implementation. 

We-Do Communication, part of Unity Group, and Bloom Communication did the media buying. This campaign had two strategic objectives: 1. Firstly, to increase the good reputation of the product by emphasizing its benefits and their impact on life quality; 2. Secondly, to introduce Ginkana Ginkgo Biloba Forte by Alevia, the new product brand to be used in the market, starting with February 2014. 

The concept started from a brief on the product’s benefits, provided by our client. We emphasized its technical and functional characteristics, focusing on its potential for increasing the life quality. The TV spot story involves characters from each relevant age group, so that all consumers can identify themselves and understand the benefits of this product to their lives, starting from the problems they face. 

The answer to the main question: "How do you face the challenges of each age?" is very clear: "Take Ginkana by Alevia for a good memory, full energy and wellbeing!" This message and the promotional one (1+1 free) were also supported through the online communication on website and social media channels.