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Kubo Ice Cream is one of the top manufacturers of ice cream with 100% Romanian capital, that offers a unique experience to the lovers of this refreshing dessert, regardless the season. In over 20 years (establishment year 1994), and due to the passion of motivated experts striving to find the gastronomic perfection, Kubo has managed to identify the perfect and unique taste among the Romanian ice creams that entered the Romanian homes under Amicii brand name. 

To us, 2014 and 2015 were the years when the ice cream went beyond the realm of delicious desserts, to that of market research, analysis, design of brand, positioning strategies, etc. because we implemented the most complex change process for a Romanian ice cream brand: Amicii. Following the rebranding, the brand platform (brand strategy and architecture), identity and all product brands (Gama Obsession, OK, DeLUX, OZN, Queen, etc.) faced adjustments, redesign and positioning changes, and the corporate communication system was redefined. To strengthen its market position and reach new target people we implemented new brands or sub-brands: Popsy (the popular product range), Queen – Airette, Obesession – Amorena.