Racova Grup

Visual Identity

In 2012, Bloom Communication created the new identity of the group, together with the new visual style and the online platform.

The new identity stresses the business industry of the group, by describing the integrated process: agriculture > raw material > finished products marketed under its own brands. The visual style includes graphical sets suggesting the fields and the manufacturing process, as collateral elements.

To create a coherent communication process, we decided to assign the communication for each company of the group to Racova Group, and to create a distinctive colour for each company’s communication materials.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

The online platform www.racova.com was designed to answer the communication needs of the entire group, and to provide detailed information and news about all types of activities. This platform benefits from specially designed ergonomic features that enables the navigation towards any company’s specific details. Thus, the user will have a 360 degrees navigation experience in the website, regardless the initial position.