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Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is a global pharmaceutical company established in 1984 by Dr. Anji Reddy. The company supplies medicines to three business segments: generic molecules (an out-licensed medicine using their molecules), pharmaceutical services and active ingredients (the active substance of the medicine). 

The first production centre operated in India, being further extended to the US, Mexico, Germany, Russia and UK. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes over 190 medicines and 60 active substances for treating pains, infections, cancer and diabetes. The company is now in the top 5 world pharma companies. The major task of building a brand with positive impact on millions of people was both an honour and a challenge to our team. 

The implementation included the strategic and opportunity analysis by market indicators, competing brands etc., and the data processing resulted in an overview that helped us build the brand strategy for Nedis. 

The brand identity and packaging reflect the functional attributes of the product (active, efficient, fast), and the colours used – blue and orange – support the visual representation of the therapeutic action: Nedis acts on the retrosternal burning and eliminates it. The recommended communication system consisted in spectacular visual stories with a significant impact pointing out the therapeutic features and benefits of the product.