Smile Dent, a dental clinic with regional (Iasi) and international presence (UK, Italy etc.) provides its patients quality services, using a highly specialised professionals team and modern equipment, to the satisfaction of its clients around the entire Europe. Smile Dent’s services are designed for all the family members, and their focus on companies brought a set of competitive advantages. All these elements had to be presented in the brand and commercial communication, both having a distinctive personality and custom visual instruments. Our team successfully fulfilled these objectives. We delivered a minimalist visual system, but deeply customised by dedicated images and the general set of symbols and graphical elements used, both in the corporate printed materials, and in the interactive design. We built the messages to show and support the technical information, the competitive advantages and benefits provided by Smile Dent.

Print & Packaging

Visual Style and Communication Standards 
Corporate Communication Materials 

Bloom Communication redefined the brand communication for Smile Dent clinic. The smile is the first “social ace“ in everyone’s sleeve. A beautiful, warm and friendly smile is the key to social success. Smile Dent makes sure you have a healthy and beautiful smile! The new brand interface uses the smile and its advantages as its central topic, placing the advantages provided by Smile Dent under the sign of relaxing, joy and friendship. 

The communication targeted on the clinic’s audience is customised, very distinctive and by far the most warm and sociable in the industry. The unique illustrations created for Smile Dent speak about the company’s dedication to its patients and their needs, and its open attitude towards the best solution in this field, in order to give the most beautiful and healthy smiles!

Interactive Design & Website building platforms