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MedikOn – Rely on Health 

Bloom Communication started the Baby Farm pharmacy chain rebranding in February 2013 with a brand audit, followed by the brand strategy and the creation of the new name and the new visual identity. 

Bloom Communication team also created the global communication standards, starting from visuals and corporate messages, to the commercial standards and communication guidelines for campaigns. For the online area, we created a complex e-commerce platform. MedikOn is the final part of this cycle: diagnosis – recommendations – recipe – treatment / medication – healing. MedikOn activates the treatment recommended by the physician and makes the medical act possible. 

The MedikOn symbolic suggests the wide audience of the brand: for each patient type, for each treatment type, it supports everyone’s health. The 3 characters stress the communication direction guided by the slogan, and their position on top of the particle "on" emphasizes the dedication to support the health of all types of patients. The prevailing colour of the graphical signature is dark blue. The green particle "on" (colour preferred by the pharma industry) suggests that the medical act is activated right in the pharmacy.