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Matache Macelaru', one of the most beloved and appreciated processed meat brands in Romania, with a strong market penetration until a few years ago, joined our team and challenged us to create its positioning strategy, to strengthen and enlarge the Matache Macelaru' portfolio in the market. 

Starting with 2014, we have implemented a complex process of brand positioning research, analysis and reconstruction, and we managed to end the brand repositioning stage in only 1 year. Therefore, Matache Macelaru' is the creator of joy and the secret for successful family and friends’ reunions on holy days as it serves “masterfully crafted traditional meat recipes” on the Romanian tables, strongly appreciated by the guests through expressions like: ”Parol D`honeur, Matache’s goodies with a delightful taste!“. 

Matache Macelaru' brand is currently the promoter of a charming, tasty and vivacious period (19th century) by featuring the people’s capacity of enjoying and celebrating life. Matache Macelaru' counts on “infusing” the same quality into the successors of the Romanians of those times, through recipes known since 1880.