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Communication Campaign

Cris-Tim is one of the most known companies in the Romanian market of processed meat products, being also its leader. This business developed due to the passion and enthusiasm of Cristina and Radu Timis. For over 20 years, Cris-Tim has significantly contributed to an increased life quality of its customers and their families, due to its valuable products created for all daily meals. Cris-Tim is the only processed meat producer in Romania using the High Pressure Technology, an innovative food safety technique. The High Pressure Technology is a natural food preservation technique using cold water. The packaged and labelled products are immersed into cold water, being then exposed to a 6,000 bar pressure using a high-pressure pump. 

This process ensures the destruction of microorganisms inside the packaging materials, and expands the product’s validity period in a natural way. One of the product range using this technology is the sliced products range, the impulse purchase product range, with the perfect portion for a single meal. The Cris-Tim 100g sliced products are available anytime for those who want a delicious snack. The range includes products like Bacon, Azuga Pastrami, Smoked Fillet, Gypsy-Style Smoked Loin, Turkey Ham, Prague Ham and Chicken Ham. Bloom Communication built this product range as a sub-brand of Cris-Tim, placing it in the impulse purchase area (high quality product, perfectly portioned for snacks at any time of the day). 

The design emphasizes the functional attributes of the products in this range, by marking their belonging to the impulse purchase type and supports the excellent quality/price ratio (they are quality products in the boiled and smoked products), by clearly stating its positioning: “a snack for any time of the day”. The communication campaign for this range contributed to the construction and support of the positioning “a snack for any time of the day” and created the commercial impulse through the promotional campaign tactically attached to the communication system we used. The creative concept covered the functional attributes in daily consumption contexts, spotting visually and verbally the delicious breaks of people who need to recharge.