Romanii Prefera CRISTIM (Romanians prefer CRISTIM)

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Cris-Tim is one of the most known companies in the Romanian market of processed meat products, being also its leader. This business developed due to the passion and enthusiasm of Cristina and Radu Timis. For over 20 years, Cris-Tim has significantly contributed to an increased life quality of its customers and their families, due to its valuable products created for all daily meals. In the last 10 years, Cris-Tim company group has made major investments in its technology and logistics, being now the most modern factory in Romania, and the only one with a white room (decontamination chamber) in this industry. Moreover, Cris-Tim is the only processed meat producer in Romania using the High Pressure Technology, an innovative food safety technique. The High Pressure Technology is a natural food preservation technique using cold water.

The packaged and labelled products are immersed into cold water, being then exposed to a 6,000 bar pressure using a high-pressure pump. This process ensures the destruction of microorganisms inside the packaging materials, and expands the product’s validity period in a natural way. These are just some of the company’s assets, whose market share, turnover and profitability made it the market leader. In 2015, it was the first time in the company history when all these attributes were integrated in and disseminated through a national campaign. Bloom Communication developed the entire strategy and concept of the communication campaign, and implemented the 3600 communication campaign together with its Unity Group partners (We-Do Communication, Impressum Communication and Nomenius), on the following channels: TV, online (including social media and Google), in store. 

The communication campaign was built around an original concept, which succeeded to captivate Cris-Tim’s target audience and efficiently provide a set of technical information that is hard to communicate (usually) in an advertising campaign. Sociological studies show that the foreigners who visit the country on a limited time notice details and habits of the local population with high accuracy and speak about them with the sincerity of an outside watcher who is not emotionally involved and with no historical, political or economic marks. We used these research conclusions to emphasize an obvious fact, extremely normal for Romanians, that required to be said by foreigners in order to make it real: all Romanians eat or have eaten Cris-Tim products (according to the market reports, Cris-Tim produces and distributes approx. 100 tons of products per day in Romania – figure valid on the campaign date). The delicious characters and the communication context created allowed the presentation and successful communication of corporate and technical information that had to be emphasized and known by the target audience of Cris-Tim. 

Therefore, it was the first time in the meat industry in Romania when a successful corporate campaign didn’t use stereotypical images and communication systems, with the family reunited at lunch, happy children and/or factories and technologies. This campaign allowed Cris-Tim to take the leadership in the industry and to be positioned as such in the mind of its target audience.