DELICII DE PRETUTINDENI (Delights from everywhere)

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Cris-Tim, the leader in the Romanian raw & dried meat market, keeps on making investments in technology and research, in order to provide its customers with the most healthy and natural products. The Cris-Tim strategy focuses on quality, food safety, and permanent product and packaging development. Starting with April 20th, 2015, Cris-Tim has changed the image and communication style for its raw & dried product range, following the analysis of processed meat market, trends and consumer habits. The new look of raw & dried meat products on the shelf, signed by Bloom Communication, aims at making all the Romanian consumers enjoy the taste of a genuine culinary diary for simple snacks or festive occasions, and to experience this right at the shelf. Thus, the consumer rediscovers the eight products of the range through their authentic recipes and culinary stories told by the traveller who is in quest for recipes and delights tasted all over the world. 

The profile of this character is inspired by the legendary Badea Cartan. While the latter had travelled on foot throughout Europe to admire the Trajan’s Column, our character walks around it to discover and enjoy genuine recipes. The culinary diary of our character defines the raw & dried meat product range by Cris-Tim, enhancing the traditional meat processing methods based on authentic recipes collected from various countries, for the pleasure and delight of the Romanians. Cris-Tim proposes a culinary journey to the historical Romanian areas starts by tasting products like Salam Banatean (Banat Salami recipe), Salam Ardelenesc (Ardeal Salami recipe) or Salam Sibiu (Sibiu Salami recipe), while products like Salam Napoli (Napoli Salami), Salam Milano (Milan Salami), Salam Pontic (Pope’s Salami) or Salam Chorizo (Chorizo Salami) take you to traditional countries like Italy or Spain, well known as producers of quality meat products. When tasting the raw & dried meat products, the consumer discovers the authentic taste specific to that area due to the balanced mix of traditions and original recipes. Thus, the “Culinary Diary” of tastes is written both on the shelf and tables of Romanians, in order to be tasted, not read. The communication campaign, signed by Bloom Communication and held between April 20th and May 31st, 2015, introduced the consumers into the extraordinary world of authentic recipes and memorable gastronomic experiences. 

The campaign went national, on all the channels accessed by the target audience: TV, online and outdoor. For all food and travel lovers, Cris-Tim launched the online contest: DELIGHTS FROM EVERYWHERE at, held between April 20th and May 31st, 2015.