Pastry shops are the places where the joy of finding a wide range of pastries meets the sweet memories of our childhood. Given the practical context of this industry, there is a tight competition in this market, with many similar offers in terms of product range, recipes and prices. Our client, a confectionery aficionado, challenged us to build a brand that inspires passion and makes every customer who enters the new pastry shop to discover the magical universe of childhood.

The work process included the brand auditing and the analysis of business operations, and revealed a new strategic approach to the Romanian market of confections and pastry. This is how Jolise brand was born: Jolise means The Sweet Land designed with love for all the children. Jolise recreates the fairy tale world where the joint-venture of joy, colours and tastes provide a total experience: gourmet plates, magical ambience, and exquisite tastes. It is a childhood-dedicated universe, like a fairy tale.

The communication universe of the new brand is dominated by the journey of Jolise, a funny, playful, pretty, candid little girl who permanently discovers something new, but who knows best all the cakes. All these happen in a fairy tale made of cakes, wafers, candy floss, candies etc.

Verbal Identity

Verbal Identity The goal of the new brand strategy was to build a verbal identity defining a joyful and emotional brand focused on building strong relationships and emotional connections, and capable to represent and manage the amazing world of sweets. 

Jolise successfully meets all the proposed strategic criteria, due to its name that inspires the good energy and creativity during childhood, and its role of an adventurous pathfinder in the world of sweets, thus supporting the functional/emotional positioning emphasized by the slogan: “Magic, joy and sweets“.

Visual Identity

A charming, red-hair and wonder little girl with blue eyes is the amazing guide offered by Jolise brand to accompany you in this sweet universe where the balloon is made of candy floss, the airplane is made of candies, the lava of volcanos is made of chocolate, and only the lollipop-like castle and trees could outshine the ginger bread house. 

We built this brand identity aiming to provide the confectionery aficionados with a unique universe where they can relax and detach from their daily stress. All their efforts are rewarded with a Proustian atmosphere where cookies can trigger an exquisite recreational time deeply connected to childhood.

Environmental Branding

The ambient and architectural design dedicated to Jolise Pastry Shop is a fairy disclosure of the universe that can be imagined, built, tasted and enjoyed in a world of desserts. Thus, the story of Jolise’s adventurous journey throughout the wonderful world of tasteful delights is being told in a cosy, bright and playful environment that brings joy both to children and adults.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Corporate Website & on-line store Having in view that the online is an essential part of our life, the Jolise brand received a set of dedicated tools to perform on-line: the corporate website:, the on-line store:, standards and social media presence. 

The visual style enabling the brand communication defined the design lines implemented in the three areas (presentation, commercial and on-line communication), and the website platform and e-commerce solution were custom developed.

Communication Campaign

The on-line campaign dedicated to Jolise envisaged the market positioning of this brand. To this purpose, we built the profile of a pastry shop that sells quality products in a relaxing, colourful and fairy environment, being also the provider of “sweet moments” at home and office events (anniversaries, friends’ reunions, visits of the in-laws, and simple moments of indulgence) through its home delivery service available on the e-commerce platform at