Impressum Communication

The Romanian communication market asks for a global approach, because brands and companies need a complex and complete approach of communication. Unity Group, the company group focused on strategic communication, media buying and brand impact development expanded into a new strategic area: public relations.   our challenge was to build the full identity of the new company, in order to stress the position and attributes of the new brand, focusing the PR services, based on the powerful background in communication strategy and business consultancy.

Verbal Identity

“Impressum” has its linguistic origins in Latin – a term also used in German, and defines the essential features of the company, from the legal and descriptive viewpoints. Therefore, the purpose of this new company, to strategically and tactically propose and support the focus and market positioning of its customer companies using business consultancy and complex PR solutions, is perfectly dressed up by the verbal identity we created.

Visual Identity

In the communication field, punctuation marks show a direct and clear tone. They support conceptual nuances or, in their everyday role, they give written statements sense and meaning. Of all the punctuation marks known in the most popular international languages, “:” let us know that something important is next, a list or something that shows a set of essential attributes in a communication context. 

We selected the “:” punctuation mark as a defining symbol for the Impressum graphical signature because we wanted to visually stress the crucial role of Impressum company in the life of its customers: to draw the attention of its audiences on the important and defining things that help the customer build and support its position, its profile for the target audiences or to develop its business.

The graphical signature and the visual style define Impressum as a company honestly dedicated to its customers’ business, presenting clear support solutions and healthy building options for the brands they deal with. Thus, the identity, the brand graphical and verbal identity and communication system succeeds to present and support the following message: Impressum Communication is a communication and public relations agency, born from the desire to do things right, that focuses on strategic solutions and excellence in communication.

Impressum Communication makes a different statement on the Romanian communication services market, by its solutions that provide a real answer to the business goals of the customers. Based on a team of communication consultants with a seasoned experience in this field (between 15 and 17 years, both in agencies and in Romanian or multinational companies), Impressum Communication provides strategic and brand communication, corporate communication, crisis communication and change management services. At the same time, the agency’s expertise also covers areas such as event management, relations with the media and influencers, VIP management, online PR and social media campaigns.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

The interactive solution is built within the brand communication style context, enabling the easy information of the target audiences on the company’s services, with the company news in the foreground.