Coseli started-up its manufacturing business in 1990, being thus the oldest flavour producer in Romania after 1989. Given the very dynamic market defined by the expansion of competing supermarket chains focused on quality and best offers, and considering the growth of the other competitors, Coseli needed a rebranding. The goal of this process was to strengthen the market positioning of Coseli and to emphasize its quality-oriented profile.

Brand Strategy

The auditing process (including the analysis of the market, competitors, Coseli company on several aspects – ethical, commercial, sales, product range etc.) revealed a set of conclusions that contributed to defining the brand platform and architecture. 

The market positioning of the company was built on two key elements: the quality of Coseli products and the housewives wish to prepare deserts and other dishes enjoyed by them, their family and friends.

“Successful dishes since 1990” is the slogan that best defines the positioning of Coseli brand, due to all the features it sums-up: quality products, wide and diversified product ranges, always available and useful to housewives, present to all the joyful moments of Romanian families in the last 20 year, and a contributor to the housewives’ satisfaction when cooking beautiful and tasty home-made dishes. 

Visual Identity

The new graphic signature of Coseli brand strengthens its positioning and best describes its visual and brand features. The graphic signature is made of drops (preserving the colour range of the former brand identity) shaping two symbols: the heart – to gather the millions of cookies and sweets accompanying all the joyful moments and celebrations of Romanians, and a full and creamy shape – to frame the logotype and tell how easy it is to cook the sweets that everybody loves, when using Coseli products. 

The new communication style defines and reveals the new personality brand: playful, positive, the best provider of successful dishes and joy at all family events. 

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

The corporate website is part of the corporate communication toolkit, together with the custom content dashboard supporting the new corporate communication platform of Coseli brand, and emphasizing both the functional features of the products and the bets use in delicious recipes.

Communication Campaign

The communication campaign concept announcing the rebranding of Coseli company was built on two key elements: over 20 year experience of the Coseli company in manufacturing flavours for the Romanian cookie recipes and the outstanding skills of housewives for preparing magnificent cookies. 

The campaign script originates in the Romanian fairy tales theme: the princes who conquers the heart of the beloved prince with the perfect dessert prepared by herself (that also proves her cooking skills), with the help of Coseli. The campaign run on TV, online and in-store also included a commercial campaign.