Miron Cont Audit, a solid company in the field of tax consultancy, accounting, human resources solutions, has faced a steady development over the last years, resulting in a business to business service range that required the reorganization of the company from a department-based approach to that a company group specialised by services and products. This administrative and management solution supported the continuous and healthy business development.

Verbal Identity

Our challenge as to create the verbal identity of a business-to-business company group, with multiple focuses, intended to operate as an umbrella brand. Moreover, the new verbal identity had to present the company group using the following attributes: trust, development strength, safety, knowledge, dedication. 

Our client chose Avisso out of the set of solutions proposed by us, because it was the most suitable concept of verbal identity that included the abovementioned attributes.

Visual Identity

The guidelines for the new visual signature should stay within the circle of trust created by the following keywords: financial safety, involvement in the business development of the clients, valid solutions to the business challenges faced by the client in accounting, human resources and EU grants. 

The essential element seen as an asset in this context was the request for a new visual identity that successfully fulfilled and guaranteed the function of an umbrella brand. The lion (the most powerful symbol of financial services) and the stairs (as a symbol of continuous improvement through an active participation of Avisso group to the healthy development of its clients’ businesses) are the visual elements defining the Avisso brand. The brand identity of the group companies is guaranteed by multi-symbol compositions. 

Visual Style Dedicated to Corporate Communication & Communication Standards We corporate communication style and the visual communication standards developed by us focus on their natural applicability to all corporate communication toolkits, while integrating the symbols and attributes of this brand summarised in the “Reach for advice” slogan.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

The corporate website www.avisso.eu gathers information about Avisso group companies and their business, and preserves the visual style used in the other materials.