Visual Identity

Print & Packaging

Over the last 25 years, the baking product market for homemade cookies and sweets has become more attractive to consumers and more competitive for producers. Coseli Company had already built its portfolio and was a well-known brand in the market mainstream, when it decided to enter the traditional product market, to combine the cash flow volumes with its profitable brands. 

Flavours and ingredients for confectionery products (vanilla sugar, dry yeast, custards etc.) are products with a great contribution to the finished products, despite their small quantities required. Aroma products are very successful in this market, due to their excellent quality/price ratio. All these elements define the Aroma brand: a drop that helps housewives and cookie aficionados to enjoy the taste of home-made cookies whenever they want. 

For the new brand, we created a minimalist and strong visual style, using key symbols turned into patterns for each range products. Thus, the updated design creates a strong product identity, with high shelf visibility among the competitor products.