Eurolenguas is the centre of all those who want to learn, to be trained in or to improve their foreign languages knowledge.The course methodology is based on the learning the grammar rules, and improving the vocabulary, with a focus on conversation and dialogue, due to an active and interactive teaching method.

Brand Strategy

After the auditing, the commercial analysis of the company and the market and competitor’s overall profile made by Bloom Communication, we concluded that Eurolenguas foreign languages centre fails to emphasize its services and is not differentiated on the market, although it has a set of distinctive services, benefits and processes, with a net value better than the competitors’ one.

The newly created brand strategy defines the overall communication system and the custom one, in order to present the wide range of corporate services, specialised language teaching services and general courses for adults and children.

Visual Identity

The new symbol – the hummingbird – is deeply stylised, to include the following attributes (coming directly from the exceptional qualities of this little bird): speed, mobility and flexibility in customising the services. The multiple colours of its feathering contains the colours used by the flags of most countries in the world and suggests the freedom brought by communication, personal and professional development, multicultural accessibility and the exotic elements you can find when learning a foreign language.

Print & Packaging

The new visual system communicates a set of technical attributes – number of languages in the course offer, teachers/team, module type: basic, advanced and specialised, services for companies, learning techniques focused on practice -, combined with emotional elements – the dedication to the customer’s profile and needs, friendly and open attitude, result oriented – and the net benefits / added value provided by Eurolenguas – freedom to communicate, access to books in foreign languages, to culture and information, and the professional success. Bloom Communication created the new visual identity, communication strategy and all communication materials, the corporate identity manual and the website, with its dashboard. Bloom Communication designed specific messages and communication materials for each target audience segment.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms