Brand Strategy

In 2011, Bloom Communication built the new tourist brand of Piatra Neamt city. The comprehensive research of the local history, culture, industry, economy, tourism, the analysis and the auditing process with the participation of Piatra Neamt public authorities, concluded with the setting of 3 directions for the city tourism promotion:
1. Cultural and historical tourism (Petrodava, first recorded evidence dating back over 2000 years ago, Cucuteni civilisation etc.); 
2. Religious tourism (monasteries, Royal Court of Stefan cel Mare and The Tower of Stefan cel Mare – Piatra Neamt consider this symbol very representative and wanted it to be included in the city presentation); 
3. Leisure tourism (cable car, public pool, Cozla restaurant, off-road trips, ski run, equestrian centre etc.).

The new tourism brand emphasizes the history, traditions and tourism profile of Piatra Neamt city, placing it on among the most recommended destinations in Romania.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of the tourism brand includes 4 elements that combine the main symbols of the city, used in time on official documents, effigies, coats of arms: The Tower of Stefan cel Mare (the most representative symbol of the city of Piatra Neamt), the deer (the heraldic symbol of the city), the mountain (3 peaks: Cozla, Pietricica and Carloman, surrounding the city as major tourist attractions that promote the winter sports and leisure activities during all seasons), Cucuteni culture specific details and the Dacian spiral (fundamental symbols that reveal the rich history of the city and the unique offer for those interested in the cultural and historical tourism). 

The range of colours used for the graphical symbol: blue for the optimism, mountain, nature, fresh air; green is the traditional colour of Piatra Neamt city and it refers to a world full of natural resources; orange comes from the traditional pottery and jewels, being also the colour of the city at dawn and sunset; yellow tells about sunny places, the joy and hospitality of the locals. 

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

The tourism brand must generate a positive economic flow from tourism activities. In this context, the online communication becomes one of the pillars of the overall tourism information process, with a focus on information accessibility and multiple interactive options.

Bloom Communication built more than a presentation website. Thus, www.turistinpiatraneamt.ro is an interactive platform where the users can find details about the major tours and create and print their own itineraries, beside other information about the city, news, and weather. This is how tourist can analyse, select and create the perfect tour for their holiday in Piatra Neamt!

Environmental Branding

Ambient Branding The international tourism fairs represent one of the modern instruments with a strong international impact to create the brand notoriety and brand awareness in tourism. To optimise the benefits of such participation in fairs, the stand and communication materials should be consistent with the visual platform of the tourism brand. Therefore, Bloom Communication carried out the design of the fair stand, so that its construction, architectural and visual elements bets reflect the major tourism pros of Piatra Neamt city. 

The major objectives envisaged by the ambient branding were the visual impact and the visitors’ memorable experience at the stand.