Frarom International Est is a national distributor of products, home improvements and décor accessories for homes, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and catering industry, being one of the major suppliers for Cora, Auchan, Real, Carrefour, Metro, Kaufland in Romania.

Brand Strategy

In 2011, Frarom International Est decided to take a major step towards its final consumers, and revealed its infinite options for bringing the comfort, fancy details and good taste to their homes. 

This is how DIQIS brand was born, in 2012. DIQIS is the first concept store in Romania dedicated to the culinary arts and the first quality shop for home improvements. Bloom Communication created the brand strategy, verbal identity, visual identity, brand ambient concept and standards for the shop, online shop and product packaging. DIQIS provides you the tools and accessories you need to cook for the most exquisite gourmands, and to set fancy tables, for your family or on special occasions, for all the moments when you want to enjoy the meal, from the very beginning to the end, from its concept to the setting. 

DIQIS is the place where you can find special gifts for all the major events in the life of your family. DIQIS shop brings you all the famous national and international brands plus the competitive advantage of advising you on choosing the right product for your needs.

Verbal Identity

When creating the verbal identity for this brand, we faced the challenge of including multiple meanings into a single concept: cooking rich meals with love for your friends, knowing the written and unwritten rules of setting the table and serving the meal for each major event of your family, sophistication, quality, elegance, care to details, ergonomics.

Visual Identity

The visual style used by Bloom Communication was inspired by the most prolific times in terms of creating, setting and serving the meals: the Middle Ages. The great imperial courts and the aristocrat castles used to make real shows from meal preparation and serving. 

This is where we inherited the pleasure to serve the meal in spectacular contexts, the rules for setting the table and serving the meal, the special attention given to the products on the table and to the dinner service. The graphical elements shaping the visual style were borrowed and transformed from the textile embroideries, the filigree on the cups and the Oriental details known and appreciated due to the imports from British, Spanish, Portuguese and French colonies in Asia. For an extra focus, the decorative and custom border included the universal symbols that directly reflect the business industry of the brand: plates, cutlery, napkins and cups. 

Interactive Design & Website Development D To make DIQIS brand available at national level, we developed a complex e-commerce platform, enabling the sale of the concept store products.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Environmental Branding

The brand ambient is customised to reflect and support the DIQIS brand’s values and attributes, creating an unique ambient, where the joy of the time spent together with your beloved ones is elevated by the subtlety of details, by the sound of crystal glasses and silverware, by the hand-painted china, by all the elegance of an exclusive table setting. 

The concept is modular, in order to allow its change according to various sizes and it include dedicated areas, where the products are emphasized in festive dinner settings.