Radburg is the biggest tire remoulding and retreading facility in Eastern Europe, servicing the European and Romanian markets. Radburg decided to redefine its presence in the market and project a new vision and strategy through rebranding, for a positive impact on the company development on medium and long term. Bloom Communication led the rebranding process in 2011, by proposing a set of ideas strongly anchored in the strategic aims of the company. Due to the green technology concepts, the tire market in the developed Western European and American economies is divided in 50% new tires and 50% retreaded tires. The retreaded tires market continues to grow at national and European level, but the Romanian consumers do not entirely trust this type of products.

Thus, it was necessary to reposition the company in the "quality product" area, considering that the retreaded tires have the same qualities as the new, top tires. This is also enabled by the state of the art technology, the extremely well-trained team and the first quality materials.

Visual Identity

The new verbal and visual signature supports this idea set: it is dynamic and powerful, by mixing strong descriptive symbols for the Romanian consumer, suggesting performance.

Interactive Design & Website building platforms

Bloom Communication has been working with Radburg since 2011, by developing strong communication solutions and business tools. The new online corporate platform and the complex e-commerce solution created by Bloom Communication in 2013 bring an important step forward to the business of the biggest manufacturer of retreaded tires in the Eastern Europe. Thus, the new platform allows the users to take B2B orders (from the fleet managers and suppliers) and transfers them into the company’s ERP, optimising the commercial processes.